Success Stories

“I would just like to thank all the staff at Stonington for guiding me back on the right track. I just totally appreciate all they have done for me. I have accomplished a lot, and am leaving here with a better understanding of life and a new-found respect. Thank you.”

Former Client - Starlight Military Program

“My wife and I visited our son at Stonington's Military Program a couple weeks ago to attend counseling with him, as well as to provide family support. While I was there I learned a lot about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and also saw first-hand the bond that these guys develop between one another. While I was there I also saw how these guys also looked forward to activities like volleyball, yoga and Martial Arts training. I can also tell you first hand, these guys DO appreciate every minute you spend with them; I heard it time and time again while I visited.”

Parent of Former Client - Starlight Military Program

“I just wanted to drop a note letting you know how important you are to these U.S. Servicemen battling their own personal demons and fears resulting from battle and war trauma. Every minute you spend with them is time for healing, learning, bonding and self-confidence building. The reason for this note is tell you, as a father, the appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your time...Thanks for making it count.”

Parent of Former Client - Starlight Military Program

“I can not believe how much my life has changed in such a short period of time. Although still very new in recovery, I am convinced that I will stay committed to my sobriety, which has been nothing short of remarkable. I also wanted to express how excellent the program really is for those who are serious about recovery. Your staff were very instrumental in helping me in many ways.”

Former Client - Partial Hospital Program

“The staff here is very patient and understanding with us and taught us a lot. I also have to say that my clinician goes above and beyond the call. The folks here really cared about my recovery.”

Former Client - Detox Program

“I want to thank Stonington for the excellent work they do everyday in restoring lives and families. The Sober House managers are kind and compassionate. They treated me with respect and had practical advice for me about how to use the tools I learned in program to work my program every day and lead a sober life. This place saved my life.”

Former Client/Sober House Resident

“I couldn't have done this without you. One of the biggest problems in my like was no matter what I was told I thought I had all the answers and could conquer the world with my independence. Nothing I've tried has ever worked and you've taught me how to appreciate a helping hand when it's out for you. My self pity and self sabotage has broken me and reduced me to tears and selfishness. You've taught me how to remedy my pain into motivation to move forward. To have people care about me and people like me is a beautiful thing. I'd be a tyrant if I took people for granted that love me again. The truth is someone is probably dying as I write this and I could almost leave wrinkles in this page from tears as I think about it. Also the unfortunate truth is people may never be privileged to realize the things they've been handed and might do for that small fact. I commend you for your burning desire to try to prevent that. Sometimes things don't work out in life for all of us and the best thing is to keep gaining strength to maintain your purpose. I wanna let you know you have great purpose and I appreciate all you've done for me. I believe only a small percentage of our life works out exactly how we want and to stay alive and fight for the times you can appreciate no matter how frustrated you may get is admirable and noble. Everyone needs something in their life to say it was all worthwhile. You caring for all of us alone is what makes it all worthwhile to be alive for me, and in return I will try my best to have purpose and give back what you have given me so you can say it was all worthwhile for you. I will not die in vain knowing people like you and my family are standing with open arms just so I can live a good life. I love you and thank you for everything and also wish you the best. I really couldn't have done this without you.”

Former Client

“I am so happy with the results that the soldier got. I have seen a different individual since his return. I cannot thank all of you enough.”

Nurse Case Manager - Fort Knox, Warrior Transition Brigade

“Thanks again for the great services you provide to our military folks!!”

Psychiatrist, ADAPT, McGuire AFB

“I am so glad that you are able to accommodate the families. I know we talked about that and you did it!! Thank You for all you do for Fort Drum Behavioral Health/ASAP, Soldiers, Retirees and Families.”

Director of ASAP, Fort Drum

““I couldn't have done this without you. One of the biggest problems in my like (should be life) was no matter what I was told I thought I had all the answers and could conquer the world with my independence.””

Former Client