Partial Hospitalization + Outpatient Programs

Partial Hospital & Outpatient Programs


  • Day and Evening formats, co-ed
  • Sober Housing ,available
  • Direct admission or step-down from Detox

Clinical Program

The Partial Hospital/IOP Program is based on a core curriculum and individualized treatment planning tailored to the specific needs of the client. Clients are treated for their psychiatric and/or chemical dependence issues. Clients participate in individual case management, small group therapy, family as well as educational sessions. The treatment staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors and therapists. Treatment for clients with co-occurring disorders also includes a focus on medication management and monitoring, coping skills, and understanding the relationship between addiction and psychiatric illnesses.

The Evening Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (EIOP) is geared toward those in need of support and treatment but who are unable to attend a day program. The program operates three evenings per week. Individual, small group, and family treatment as well as educational groups are provided along with groups related to early recovery and post-treatment acclimation into the work environment and community.

Sample PHP/IOP Schedule



Community Meeting

(Daily Announcements)

All Clients

Small Group Therapy or Psycho-Education Group (Anger Management)

Small Group Therapy Sessions are 8-10 clients.

Psycho-education groups are 16-20 clients.

Small Group Therapy or Music/Art/Spirituality Group

Music/Art groups are 8-10 clients.

Spirituality Groups are 16-20 clients.


Small Group Therapy or Spirituality Group

Same as above

Psych-Education Group

(Relapse Prevention or Relationships)

Same as above

Psycho-Education Group

(Nutrition or Trigger Management or Step Work)

Same as above

  • Individual consults with the Psychiatrist and/or Clinician/Case Manager are scheduled throughout the program day in a way that is least disruptive to the program day.
  • Service levels will vary based on PHP/IOP status.
  • Program start and end times based on Program Site (Life skills or Adult). Life skills begins early morning and Adult begins mid-morning.
  • Education group topics vary based on established curriculum; the topics above are merely examples.

Admission Criteria

For admission to a day or evening program, the client must:

  • be medically stable;
  • have had a recent bout of acute alcohol and/or drug abuse with a clearly documented history of excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs, and currently is unable to control this use;
  • meet the Level II.5, II.1 or I ASAM criteria for partial hospitalization treatment; and
  • have a condition indicating that he/she has restorative potential, would benefit from a partial hospital/IOP chemical dependency treatment program and that the goal of changing behavior could not successfully be accomplished in a less intensive treatment setting.

Review a complete list of Admissions Criteria here.