For Military Treatment Professionals

The Starlight Military Program was created to serve active duty military members and veterans experiencing significant combat trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) substance abuse, and mental health issues.

Substance abuse among active-duty military personnel continues to be a major problem negatively impacting military force readiness.*

Stonington Institute’s treatment team is dedicated to providing the highest quality behavioral health care to our military. We understand that military life can be stressful to service members and their families, resulting in disorders that require specialized treatment and unique recovery programs. We also understand the need for treatment of traditional behavioral health issues, such as depression or bipolar disorder, within the military context.

Nicotine addiction and heavy alcohol use has increased in the military in the last decade.

The Starlight Program utilizes a brief, effective Detoxification Service followed by a 28-day Rehabilitation Service designed to address the unique needs of the military.

The rate of mental health problems among soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq is on the rise. Licensed professionals in the Starlight Program are available 24/7 for confidential assessment and treatment.

* United States Department of Defense

Inpatient Detoxification Service

The Detoxification Service is a traditional, medically-monitored Level III.7 residential service. The Detox Service is staffed 24 hours per day with registered nurses. Program staff include: a full-time staff psychiatrist, advanced practice nurses, licensed mental health professionals, certified medical assistants and on-call physicians. Clients in the Detox Service receive treatment and support that is personalized to meet their needs and that achieves stabilization using psycho-educational and psychotherapeutic group modalities. Treatment duration in the Detox Service is from 3-10 days.

Residential Rehabilitation Service

The Residential Rehabilitation Service is structured to treat individuals with severe substance abuse and psychiatric disorders that require a structured, inpatient level of care. The residential and clinical aspects of the service are focused on the effective treatment of chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. As part of treatment, clients in the Rehabilitation Service will learn adaptive relapse prevention skills.

Starlight Program Features

  • Collaborative interdisciplinary treatment plan
  • Diagnosis of trauma syndromes and co-morbidities
  • Evidence-based management of trauma related symptoms and functioning (including pharmacotherapy; psychotherapy with emphasis on cognitive and exposure therapies; and adjunctive methods/services)
  • Integration and coordination with primary care providers
  • Client and family education
  • Optimization of social supports
  • Access to spiritual support and guidance
  • Continuous reassessment/follow up

Treatment Model

The Starlight Program utilizes proven, evidence-based approaches in the context of a tailored, individual treatment program. Treatment approaches include: the 12 Steps, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, relaxation and holistic approaches.

Treatment modalities are focused on helping individuals develop solid coping strategies, use of cognitive therapies to promote healthy decision-making related to substance use, and education that supports permanent lifestyle changes aimed at maintaining long-term mental health recovery.

Combat Trauma

Military life is especially stressful to active duty service members in time of combat. It is not uncommon for individuals who have been through combat to experience trauma-related disorders that require intensive, specialized treatment and recovery programs. The Starlight Program provides a unique, inpatient treatment track for active duty military members whose lives have been changed and become unmanageable by events including family separation; combat stress; exposure to destruction and human suffering; threats to self and comrades; and grief and loss.

Specialized Military Treatment Services

  • Military Experienced Staff
  • Dedicated Military 12 Step & Sponsorship Meetings
  • Visiting Veteran in Recovery
  • Family Therapy & Visitation (in person or teleconference)
  • Physical Conditioning Program/Documentation
  • Cardio-Endurance Workout Equipment

More Information

To schedule a clinical assessment or campus tour, please call the military liaison toll free at (877) 313-0988 or direct at (860) 235-5570.