Adult Residential Detoxification

Detox Program

  • 18 bed unit, private and semi-private rooms, co-ed
  • Daily MD rounds, 24/7 RN staffing, on-call psychiatrist
  • Medically-monitored detox protocols assure safe and effective stabilization

Clinical Program

Stonington’s Detox Program is aimed at engagement, orientation and stabilization. The clinical program is led by a Clinical Director, a licensed clinical staff and a dedicated Discharge Care Coordinator who will assure that every client completes a safe detox protocol and is introduced to 12-step model of recovery. Emphasis is on understanding the disease of addiction and solidifying a long-term recovery plan.

Admission Criteria

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level III.7 placement criteria are used to determine admission and length of stay in Detox. Clients are accepted for admission to our Detox Unit who have a history of heavy and/or prolonged use of alcohol and/or other drugs and are in need of detoxification in a voluntary, medically-monitored detoxification setting. Clients may also have a secondary mental health diagnosis.

Individuals who are: actively suicidal/homicidal; registered sex offenders; or otherwise compromised by certain medical conditions, may not meet our admission criteria. It is important to call and complete a pre-admission screening whenever possible.